Why is a little exaggeration a bad thing?

Common practice

Padding out your resume with some carefully placed exaggerations is very common practice amongst candidates, common enough that most employers recognise this as a major risk, and will carefully investigate your claims and qualifications.

They may bring experts to the interview to test your knowledge, use one of the many CV checking agencies, and will check your references.


If you are given the job and your little white lies are discovered, you could be up for instant dismissal. Worse than that, your employer will ask that you pay back your starting bonus, and may even sue you to recover recruitment and training costs! Even small exaggerations, when discovered, will mark you as untrustworthy in the eyes of your employer, and your career will be badly affected.

Not worth the effort

If you think you need to lie about your skills and experience to get a job, you are probably not well suited to the job anyway.

Searching through MyJob.ie
This site will show you all the vacancies which call for any level of any skill you have claimed. If you claim to be a beginning Java programmer with no commercial experience, you will still see a job which calls for expert Java programmers with 5 years commercial experience. There is no need to exaggerate your skill level to increase the number of jobs you can see. The only jobs which will be hidden from your view will be those where you have none of the required skills, or jobs that are not offered in your location.