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Cylynt (formerly SmartFlow Compliance Solutions) was founded to address the problem of software piracy, which for years software companies have faced alone. Government initiatives, copyright laws, and protection strategies have been largely ineffective in stopping the theft of billions of dollars in intellectual property. At Cylynt we believe that advanced technology is the core component in addressing the problem, and success can only be achieved by having a corporate culture that is obsessed with innovation and customer success. This approach has been rewarded, as the company continues to grow rapidly and the data analytics and telemetry platform has evolved to solve a broad range of problems for our customers, including brand protection, lead generation, and data-driven sales processes.

Cylynt's usage and analysis software now drives the license compliance programs for the world’s leading software companies. Cylynt solutions are protecting over $30 billion in licensed software products worldwide and have now shipped in over 900 applications. By providing precise telemetry data that ensures users are properly authorized and licensed, Cylynt helps clients make informed decisions on the best way to correct licensing problems and protect their customers from unfair competition. With a solution for every budget, the data collected by Cylynt's innovative technologies provides business intelligence and sales information and organizes, analyzes, and interprets that data into meaningful market insights and quality lead generation. Cylynt's license compliance platform can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and guard against downtime by preventing malware attacks and protecting brand names and reputations.

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